Learn 1950’s style Rockabilly on DVD!

Want to learn the coolest, laid-back style of dance from the ’50’s? Well now you can – and in the comfort of your own home!
Whether you have trouble learning in a class situation or can’t find a
teacher in your area, or maybe you already know how to dance Rockabilly style, but just want to add some new moves to your repertoire – then these DVD’s are ideal for you!

There are 4 different DVD’s to choose from, starting with the basic Beginners step pattern and arm movement right through to really cool INTERMEDIATE moves.For over 20 years, Geoff & Sue have taught thousands of people to dance and now you can benefit from their fantastic teaching style.Each DVD has TWELVE DIFFERENT MOVES on it, and all are taught as they would be in a normal class situation, but the best thing about learning Rockabilly on our DVD’s is that you can go over and over the same move until you master it.

The moves are taught individually by Geoff & Sue, and then they show you how to put some moves together into a short routine for you to practice to.
Every move is taught using 3 different cameras so you’ll benefit from seeing the move from different angles, and also close-ups on the footwork.

All the DVD’s have separate chapters to make it easier for you to find
individual moves quickly. DVD’s are available for immediate shipping at $40 each, or SPECIAL OFFER – purchase the COMPLETE SET of 4 for just $130.00 – that’s a saving of $30! Just click the BUY NOW BUTTON.

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